There’s more than one reason why women wear bras and it’s not just for support. If you’ve wondered why you need to wear a bra, then fret not. We did some research and summed up the purpose of a bra for you.

#1 To Distribute The Weight Of Your Bust

Wearing a bra can make sure that your bust weight is supported at your shoulders, by the straps, and at your waist, by the band.

#2 To Be Able To Move With Comfort

Be it walking up and down the stairs, exercising or dancing at your favorite club, bras provide support against the unnecessary bouncing of your breasts.

#3 To Prevent Bad Posture

Having bigger breasts means you generally tend to lean back to maintain balance. Wearing a well-fitted bra can help maintain posture.

#4 To Avoid Under-Bust Sweat

The area below your breasts is where you generally tend to sweat the most. This can be very uncomfortable and can also cause infections. A bra holds up your breasts and thus prevents sweating.

#4 To Flatter Your Outfit

A well-fitted bra lifts up your bust and flatters every outfit you wear, helping you rock that OOTD!

Well, ladies! Now that you know why you have to wear a bra, go ahead and check out our amazing collections!