How to Choose the Perfect Women’s Sleepwear?

How to Choose the Perfect Women’s Sleepwear?

Every woman is busy during the daytime. Yet, she wants a comfortable evening and would prefer wrapping herself in soothing, relaxing, and soft sleepwear style.  

The truth is that every woman wants to wear nightwear that is soft, comfortable, and soothing to touch. One can choose from a wide range of nightwear and sleepwear online- you can buy women's nightwear online in India from Savvyy.  

According to reports, the sleep and loungewear market is expected to grow by $19.5 bn during 2020-2024 


Your fit and style matters  

You should always buy nightwear that aligns with your style and fit irrespective of how comfortable the nightwear is? For example, a pajama set or long cotton nightgown will be perfect if you like to relax after wearing the nightdress. 

A pajama should be loose as possible so that it can quickly move in your body. Always try not to wear nightwear that is fitted or too tight.  

Before buying nightwear, always consider these things: buttons, ties, knots, and zippers. These elements will determine the perfect fit for you. 



It is vital to choose sleepwear that is comfortable and cozy. In addition, nightwear should make you feel good when you wear it. For example, suppose someone is comfortable wearing a nightdress made of cotton or silk. In that case, it is crucial to buy one of these materials. 

The nightwear that you wear should regulate body temperature during the night. Flannel is the best option during the Winters and silk during the summer. 


Know your sleepwear’s fabric  



It is considered the most breathable, soft, and lightweight. Cotton allows good air circulation in any dress and is smooth in the skin. However, cotton clothes are not recommended for people who experience night sweat as it is a poor insulator.  



Silk is the best fabric that can keep you warm during cold and vice versa. The fabric is a thermoregulator and smooth.  



It is the best and breathable fabric to wear during extreme winter or colder days. Flannel will keep the body warm and also refrain from night sweats.  



It is a fabric made from plant fibers and is soft and silky. Bamboo is considered moisture wicker as it will help you maintain a comfortable temperature. 



This fabric keeps the body warm but is not breathable. Therefore, it is not recommended for people who experience skin irritation during the night. 



Maintenance is also an important factor before buying nightwear. Therefore, you need to give a little more effort. For example, cotton sleepwear is easy to wash, dry, and maintain. While wear such as sheer maxis and lace baby dolls requires more effort to keep it intact.  


Weather condition 

Whether it’s cold or scorching heat, no one loves wearing nightwear throughout all seasons. Therefore, consider buying sleepwear according to weather conditions.  

For example, you can wear woolen fabric nightwear during winter to protect yourself from freezing nights. Moreover, you can wear nightwear made from breathable cotton and modal cotton during the summer 


The bottom-line  

After you have selected the right dress for yourself, go and buy women's sleepwear online from Savvyy at the best price. Before placing an order online or buying it from a store, always check the brands and styles available.