Choosing panties for your body type

Choosing panties for your body type

Women need to choose a panty that keeps them comfortable throughout the day. Always remember that underwear and lingerie are equally crucial as outerwear. Therefore, you must pay attention towards fit while buying panties and lingerie online or at a shop. Buy women’s lingerie online at the best price from Savvyy

This blog will discuss choosing panties according to the body type and types of panties and their fabrics.


The Rounded Body Type 

Women who fall under this body type category should consider wearing panties higher on the leg and steer clear of boy-cuts. In addition, they must avoid flimsy panties with the light elastic at the top.

Furthermore, you can also wear high-waisted panties with a sizeable elastic band that sits flat against the waist.


The Rectangle Body Type 

Women with rectangular body types can wear any style. However, the best panty style would be bikini cuts. They can also consider wearing bikini briefs with all elastic fabric to skim the bottom.


The Hourglass Body Type

Women with hourglass body types have a defined waist with many curves. The best panties for this body type are boy shorts and hipsters. Avoid wearing bikini briefs with little structure, as they can make you feel uncomfortable.


The Triangle Body Type

Women with this body type have similar issues to hourglass women. Therefore, they should follow the suggestions for the hourglass type.


Pro tip: Change the underwear size isn’t giving enough coverage or is riding up too much. Changing the size can make a perfect fit.


The Inverted Triangle Body Type

Women with inverted triangle body types can follow suggestions that of rectangular body types. In addition, they should consider wearing bikini briefs, super high-waisted panties, or anything with too much coverage.

Women can buy a size lower than a typical bikini brief if they choose something more classic. You can buy women's panty online at best price from Savvyy.


Fabrics you can choose while buying panties 



Cotton is the best fabric option for panties as it provides the utmost comfort level. In addition, cotton panties are best for daily use.

Most of the regular briefs are made of cotton. However, cotton panties are the best for summers and workouts, apart from daily use.



Lace is widely used to make fancy lingerie. Unfortunately, the material is light, thin, flimsy, and transparent and is not suitable for winters unless you wear enough layers.

Consider buying lace panties from good brands because bad quality lace can cause irritation and itching.



Satin is a luxury material and is considered for the skin due to its smoothness and softness. Satin panties are best when it comes to pampering yourself a little.


Mul Mul Cotton

It is a softer and slightly thicker type of cotton than regular cotton. This material is not very breathable, but mul mul panties are suitable for everyday use as the material is light and soft on the skin.



Silk is mainly used to make fancy panties and lingerie. However, some brands use silk to make creative panties for daily use.



This material is a mixture of nylon and polyester and is waterproof. Therefore, jersey panties are the best for people who wear bikinis and are active in swimming. Buy women's underwear online India at Savvyy.