Different Types of Nightwear - What Suits Your Personality

Different Types of Nightwear - What Suits Your Personality

People say that your sense of fashion has a lot to say about your personality. But, have you ever wondered if your taste in nightwear has something significant to say about who you truly are and how you treat yourself? You choose your sleepwear for that time of the day when you want to feel vulnerable, free, and detached from any stress you may have dealt with during the day. In a way, nightwear can be considered the most honest fashion choice one could make. Keep scrolling to know more about some of the best nightwear options and what suits your personality the best. Buy your favourite type nightgowns from Savvyy. 


If you are a fan of a simple slip-on nightgown, you are the kind of person who likes to savour leisure-time freely and with no drama. You love to stick to simple traditions, like curling up on the couch with a book and a cup of hot chocolate. Buy your favourite type nightgowns from Savvyy. 


This sexy and naughty piece of nightwear is for those who dress to kill! Whether it's lights on or off, you are a true fashion maven and you like for it to be known to the world. You like to take a lot of time to pamper and celebrate yourself unapologetically. You can pull off a 12-step skincare routine like a boss before crawling into bed. Buy your favourite camisole satin night gown online! 

Boxer Shorts and Tank Tops  

You are a strong-willed person who is not afraid to take on challenges. You are also chic and elegant in the way you present yourself. You feel extremely comfortable and confident in your skin. You are a true visionary who always dreams big, even before turning the reading lights off. 

Oversized Old T-shirts  

You are a rockstar! You love the true freedom and comfort that comes with a fuss. You are fun, easy-going and low-maintenance. But you are not afraid to experiment with your choices, be it fashion or life.  

Silky Satin Suit 

You love being the apple of everyone's eye. When it comes to your nightwear, quality is key. This could mean that you are flirty as well as rebellious. You love going out and having a good time and often stay up well past your bedtime. Buy your favourite satin night gown online!