What bra should you be wearing during workouts?

What bra should you be wearing during workouts?

Are you confused over the type of bra you should be wearing? The answer is simple! Wearing sports bras are the best during workouts.

Always remember that sports bras not accessories, it is a necessity for physical activities ranging from running to yoga.

You can buy women's sports bras online from Savvyy. According to experts, sports bras keep the breast in shape apart from its health benefits. Let us understand about sports bras in brief.


Sports bras prevent injuries

There is a higher possibility of experiencing breast sagging because the copper ligaments cannot repair themselves after an injury.

Furthermore, you can experience premature sagging if your breast doesn’t receive adequate support during workouts.


The comfort factors

Normal bras are not designed for workouts as they don’t provide the optimum comfort during workouts. When you wear a regular bra even during activities, such as stretching or jogging, it can cause pain and discomfort.

Moreover, regular bras can lead to tension in the shoulders during workouts. Therefore, it’s vital to choose a sports bra over a regular one.



The popularity of sports bras is attracting new customers very years globally. These sports bras are available in different styles, colors, and shapes. Therefore, people can choose different sports bras every week. Buy women's activewear online from Savvyy at a reasonable price.


Other factors 

Sports are the best for people who have undergone a medical procedure as it will allow them to recover faster. If you have carried out any surgery related to your breast, sports bras will help you recover soon.


What type of sports bras should you choose? 

There are various workout bras in the marketplace, but you must first consider the intensity of your workout to buy the correct sports bra.


Compression sports bra 

This type of bra is the best for small-breasted women. In general, a compression bra compresses the breast against the chest to restrict movements during workouts.


Encapsulation bras 

Encapsulation bras are mostly recommended for women who carry out intense workouts and experience heavy breast movements.

This type of bra is encompassed with individual cups, supporting each breast effectively. Most of the regular bras lack compression and are encapsulated.


Bra tanks 

This type of bra is also called shimmels and are tank tops that are encompassed with shelf bra. Bra tans are good for low impact activities but not optimal for running. Savvyy is one of the best brands for clothing so, buy women's sportswear online in India from them.


Choosing a bra strap 

There are different bra straps. For example, spaghetti straps will provide less support compared to wider straps. And racer-back straps are more supportive than scoop back and spaghetti.


Bra care matters 

After using a sports bra for a long time, its elasticity will shrink. Therefore, you must follow these steps to increase the shelf life of a bra:

· Wash the bra with your hand and hang dry them

· Use a good detergent that will keep the bra’s fabrics in good shape.