Ill-fitting bras - How it can affect your health?

Ill-fitting bras - How it can affect your health?

Wearing a bra can be amazing, but only if you wear the right size. Many women prefer to take off their bras at the end of the day because they feel uncomfortable or tight. 

An ill-fitting bra can cause many health problems. 50 per cent of women across the world have reported breast pain while wearing an ill-sized bra. 

Most people are confused to buy the perfect sized bra because of factors such as a change in breast size, shape and position. However, you can buy bras online in India at Savvyy. 

Here is how ill-fitting bras can put a toll on your health! 


Body Pain  

Nobody wants a bad experience while wearing a bra. However, the an-ill-fitting bra can give you pain in the neck, back, and shoulder. Loose bras will cause sagging of your breasts and cause back stiffness, and neck pain. 

Moreover, a wrong sized bra affects the entire lymphatic system. Some studies have indicated that wearing a tight bra causes breast pain. 

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Breast skin damage 

Generally, Ill-fitting bras will not provide you properly provide you the optimum level of comfort and support. Therefore, it can damage your breast skin. 

Furthermore, a tight bra stretches your skin more than needed, resulting in pain, stress marks, and rashes. It’s better to give it a thought over your bra size today. 


Bad posture 

Imagine what will happen if you are suffering from a bad posture? That’s why you shouldn’t wear an ill-fitting bra at any cost because it will affect your posture.  

For example, when your bra strap is too loose, it rids up on the back, and your breast starts to drag the shoulders forward. This condition can affect your posture unknowingly.  


Shoulders’ grooves  

Sometimes, you get marks or groves on your shoulder. Well, that indicates that your bra is tight and you aren’t wearing the perfect sized one. 

If the bra straps are too tight for a longer period, then it can also cause skin damage. You can choose a good fitting bra whenever you experience these symptoms. 

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Nerve problems  

A tight bra can also lead to a damaged nerve. A wrong sized-bra tends to put pressure on your nerves and can make your neck, arms and shoulders weak.  Therefore, always choose the perfect sized bra before purchasing one. 


Exercising issues   

According to researchers, women who wear an ill-fitting bra tend not to do exercise because of discomfort. If you are not comfortable wearing your bra, then please change it immediately. You can buy sports bras online in India at Savvyy. 

It’s better to wear a comfortable bra rather than wearing an ill-fitting one. It will make you feel comfortable and confident in the public. Most importantly, your health will not be affected.