Bra 101! Learn what bra to pair with your outfit to look red carpet ready!

Bra 101! Learn what bra to pair with your outfit to look red carpet ready!

The pandemic and quarantine have taken quite a toll on your social life. From a productive and hustle-filled day at the office or an exciting and gossip-riddled brunch with your favourite gal-pals, we all have been yearning for a day out in the sun, sporting our best laugh and our most stylish outfits. The day, now, is not that far away. It's time to re-familiarize with onsite office hours and nonvirtual human contact. It's also time to stock up on every piece of clothing in your wardrobe that is not just your pajamas. And that includes your bras.  

This autumn season has blessed us with a beautiful climate, bold aesthetics and an opportunity to sport layers of our chic clothing. Whether you want to flaunt your warm florals or cold knitted sweaters, a perfectly fitting bra is the missing piece of the puzzle your outfits need to make all heads turn. Bras are not a labyrinth for you to scratch your head over. But, if you have been doing so, this 'Bra 101' article is exactly what you need. Keep this page scrolling! 

1) Push-up bras - A must-have  

Push-up bras, as the name suggests, give your breasts a gentle push and elevates the curves of your cleavage underneath your neckline. They are best suited for low cut tops and dresses, but they also complement your breasts well while wearing turtle-neck sweatshirts. There are plenty of push-up bras for you to choose from. Shop your favourite push-up bra with Savvyy. 

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 2) Padded bras for the cold weather  

Padded bras are a boon for every woman during winters. They prevent the nipples from showing through t-shirts and fitted dresses. Padded bras can be under-wired for support or wire-free for all-day comfort. Also, the Padded Bra has different necklines and coverages for different sized breasts. Pair your fitter blousons or your leathered tights with padded bras. Buy women's red carpet bra online at best price.  

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 3) Balconette Bra for delicate elegance  

Balconette bras are delicately styled bras that gently lift your breasts and give them a rounded appearance. It comes with a wide set of straps and cup lines that gives an almost horizontal line across your chest area. Buy red carpet strapless bra online with Savvyy. Pair your balconette bras with your wide-necked blouses, dresses with plunging necklines, and sheer clothing. Buy red carpet bra online in India on Savvyy website.  

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 4) Bralettes to compliment your layers! 

Bralettes are wireless, lacy and no-hassle bras that are minimalistic and can be slipped on easily. They can be worn as inner and outerwear. So, the next party or music festival you’re planning to attend, style your balconette bra with high-waisted trousers or a skirt and layer them with a knitted jacket to make your friends' jaws drop. Buy red carpet nude strapless bra online on Savvyy website.  

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 5) And, ofcourse, the all-time favourite T-shirt bra 

¬†Ah, the always handy T-shirt bra ‚Äď a bra that one must have in every closet. Best paired with your¬†favourite¬†tee and a pair of jeans, a T-shirt bra in a nude or black¬†colour, padded or unpadded is a must-have in your wardrobe, whatever the season may be!¬†They add rigidity, and depending on your bust size, give a minimized look. It is the underwire that offers complete coverage, and the whole idea is to take you far away from the fear of a double boob or a pop out. The experts always recommend a professional bra fitting at least once to avoid that. Buy best t-shirt bra online at best price on Savvyy website.¬†¬†

 We think this article has everything you need to know about pairing the right bra with the right outfit, and ofcourse if you need any bra for your wadrobe, visit for all your innerwear needs. Now go and rock that outfit!