Types of Bra

Types of Bra

Enamor Fabulous Types of Bra You ‘Must-Have’ on Your Wardrobe

And yes,we are talking about the lingerie that you wear! Nothing says you love yourself quite like a well-fitted, comfortable and trendy bra. For the modern woman who dons multiple hats – homemaker, professional and perennial nurturer – being at ease in your inner wear is not a negotiable option.

Since 2003, Enamor has strived to bring elegance, comfort and distinctiveness to women’s intimate wear. Our range has everything from bras, panties, shapewear to sportswear, nightwear and stylish athleisure, which help you flaunt your own personal style. Whether you’re headed for a casual night out with friends, a hot date or a high-stake meeting that is sure to witness corporate powerplay, being comfortable in your own skin (read: “lingerie”) can help you make a lasting impression.

Types of Bra

T-shirt Bra

A t-shirt is every bit a woman’s casual and chic statement. For a fun day outdoors, a pair of denims with a snug white tee is a look that can never go out of style. If you plan to be out in the open sun for a long time, then you’d have to contend with the nasty humidity. And worse, if you tend to sweat a lot, the lines of your bra start to show and could have you scurrying for cover!

The ultimate solution: Enamor’s T-shirt bras do away with front seams and blend effortlessly with your attire. They seem to disappear under your clothing, which makes it comfortable to wear with fitted casual wear, even on long sunny days. They are quite comfortable with a body-hugging top, and look smart with traditional wear like a kurta or salwar kameez. So, the T-shirt bra is a multi-purpose bra that every woman should keep handy for any occasion.

Strapless Bra

When attending a formaldinner, a cocktail party or a red-carpet special event, an off-shoulder number a la Catherine Zeta-Jones is a definite must. And a strapless bra is perfect to show off those toned shoulders and present a svelte silhouette to the paparazzi, while leaving your partner mesmerized for the evening. Besides, strapless bras are ideal while wandering around flea markets or street shopping in a quaint part of town. When teamed with tube-tops thrown over capris, they are discreet and complement your zesty side.

Push-up Bras

Call us vain; but push-up bras do a lot more to proudly flatter your shape by pushing your breasts upwards to show off more prominent cleavage. Push-up bras usually come with padding to give your bra more volume and personality. Fancy a plunge cut or balcony? They are quite the trend this season. If you want to give in to a different side of your personality, they are available in lace and embroidered variants as well. You can be the showstopper in your social circles by teaming them with a button-down dress shirt or V-neck tee. And on that upcoming exotic vacation to Bali, you can walk along sunny beaches while strutting your stuff in these push-up bras that accentuate your curves, and give in to a dollop of naughtiness. Then again, why wait for an exotic holiday? ;)

Strapless Bras

The right fit is of prime importance for any strapless bra. You’ll need to make sure that it is firmly fit around your body, since there are no straps for support. Choose one that is not too tight nor too loose, to avoid any discomfort or chances of any awkward nip slips. And that’s something that any woman wearing a strapless multiway bra does not want! Enamor’s strapless bras have padded cups and are underwired for proper grip and added security.

Full Support Bra

A bra that is durable, doesn’t fray easily or loosen up after a few uses, and provides full cover to reduce spillage, is quite tough to find. Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you wear a bra hoping that it will make you look sleek and sensuous?But,you ended up standing out awkwardlyfrom the crowd, because your bra feels ill fittedwithin a short time? Many of us who are bust-heavy can identify with this situation.But it’s nothing that can’t be changed by choosing the right bra that complements your figure!

The full support bra supports you, in literally every waythat you need! It gives your bust good shape, amazing support and maximum comfort, through all kinds of weather. This bra even helps redistribute your chest weight for a better, more relaxed fit. Already sounds much better than your friends, family and boss combined, right? If you plan to hit the club and need something to fit you seamlessly, without causing any unexpected accidents while you are having a good time, it’s time you discovered the joys of Enamor’s ‘Full and Fabulous’ bra!

Detachable Bras

One of the greatest pet peeves most women have, is carrying appropriate bras of various kinds on a holiday, to match with their clothes. Detachable bras are a godsend, and how! Mix and match strap styles to suit a digital printed tank top or that fancy halter neck top. Use the transparent straps if you fancy a little off-shoulder fun, without drawing much attention to your bra straps. Or go all out in experimenting with colours, as you paint your holiday time with vivid colors and happy memories! There are some versatile designs that can be managed in a jiffy, with detachable straps.

The greatest advantage of detachable straps is that they provide comfort, support and form-fitting, without losing out on trendy quirks. They are effortlessly replaceable with every kind of outfit, creating the ultimate holiday style for the modern woman who isn’t shy to experiment, and with the knowledge that comfort and utility always come first. High-quality detachable bras in plastic and lace have the ability to change looks instantly and give you a chance to channel your inner fashionista. Effortlessly change from sexy to cute to sporty as you like, instantly.