Know about multistrip or multiway bra

Know about multistrip or multiway bra

The fashion industry is rapidly evolving, and fashion designers always find new ways to club old fashion with the new ones. 

In recent times, multi-strap bras have been in the limelight due to their versatility. It can be practically variously worn with any outfit. Moreover, multi-strap bras are a perfect option for  

  • Strapless stylish halter neck party dresses  
  • Summer tops 
  • Halter neck 
  • One shoulder dress 
  • Tank top 
  • Tube dress 

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Wearing multi-way bras in various ways  

The most conventional use  

You can wear a multi-way bra as a strapless bra. To do that, 

  • Remove both the straps from the notch and club it with an off-shoulder outfit or a tube to get the best look 


Halter Bra  

Wearing a multi-way bra with halter necklines will give you a perfect look. You cannot just wear this dress with a standard bra as it will look odd and not deliver the best of looks. 

To convert a multi-way into a halter bra, 

  • You have to just extent one strap of your bra to its fullest length and extend it. After that, hook each end of the strap to the front of your bra to create a loop. That's it! 


Criss-cross bra 

People with heavy breasts should try this style as it offers extra support. This very convenient option is a perfect option for racerback tees and dresses. 

Follow these steps to get this style: 

  • Firstly, the straps from its notch are located at the bra’s backside. 
  • Secondly, re-position the straps into the hooks of the opposite sleeve. By doing it, you will create an x with your straps. 


Transparent straps  

Multiway bras have transparent straps. Therefore, you can wear them with a backless blouse, lace dresses, spaghetti tops, or sheer dresses. 

These bras give you the freedom to wear any attire without compromising on style. Moreover, a multiway bra provides excellent comfort and support compared to any other bra.  

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The topmost benefits of multi-strap bras are 

  • They provide discreet support 
  • The adjustable back converter makes it easier to wear low back dresses 
  • You can change the position of the straps according to different outfits 
  • Provides support of a regular bra without the shoulder straps 


In brief: 

Bye-bye to rashes  

A multiway bra is the best for women who experiences rashes due to their sensitive skin. Wearing a strapped bra for a longer duration can cause itchiness on the shoulders and can lead to strain marks. 

Therefore, always choose multiway bras for comfort and support. You can pull a multiway bra upwards without any problem. 


Back pain  

Strapless multiway bras help relieve back ache and a scapular muscle strain. This type of bra will increase the lift and allow your shoulders to relax without compromising on the support.  

Tips for bra care  

  • Coldwater is the best for washing bras as warm water might shorten their life span and break down the elasticity 
  • Try washing your bra with hands rather than in the washing machine as it could damage the underwire 
  • Always choose a good detergent that is good for delicate clothing.