Women's favourite night wear

Women's favourite night wear

Good nightwear plays a vital role in uplifting the mood for women. It indicates her mood, comfort, elegancy, feeling, and many other things. Nowadays, women know exactly about the dress sense for a particular occasion. Buy women's loungewear online from Savvyy at the best price. You can create an exciting story every night by trying different night wears.   

You have many nightwear options to choose. There are baby dolls and cute shorts, t-shirts. Simple pyjamas, tops, and alluring nightgowns are common among women across the globe. These night wears are meant for different occasion with different comfort levels. 

Let’s sneak peek in some of the favourite nightwear of women! 


Night shirt 

Many women this nightwear during humid nights. It helps them to stay away from feeling stuffy and maintain a cool night. Night shorts are super airy and come in different styles such as  

  • Short sleeve 
  • Rolled up the sleeve (both funky and floral prints)  



Bathrobes are highly in demand among women who are bride-to-be. These stylish and sexy rob sets are modest and feminine at the same time. It is available in different designs and styles. You should try bathrobes printed in lace or floral and look sexy for the night. 



This night is common among women. A nightdress is overloaded with cuteness and suits every body shape. It is preferred to wear during humid weather. Buy women's nightwear online India from Savvyy. 



Nowadays, women prefer jumpsuits during occasions such as pyjama parties. It defines the fashionable side of women. Pro tip- wear a full-length jumpsuit if you like subtleties and choose a printed playsuit if you are a bombastic woman. 



This nightwear style is every women’s favourite. You can customize this old-school nightwear to a stylish embroidery, printed, lace pattern nightie. Furthermore, you can also order a sultry satin nightgown for style and elegance. 


Pyjama sets  

A comfortable pair of pyjamas can work wonders for any woman.  It will provide a good night’s sleep.  Many women prefer pyjama to unwind and relax after a long day. 

This elegant and classic nightwear comes in various colours, prints, and patterns. You can mix and match and create your night-style statement. 



Camisoles are favourite among many women. This elegant upper body undergarment can be paired with shorts, pyjamas, and night dresses. Make your night routine interesting by adding camisoles to your wardrobe. You can buy women’s sleepwear online from Savvyy. 

Never get bored of wearing camisoles as you can select from a wide range of colours and styles.  Furthermore, it is multi-functional wear that can be used day and night. 

The fabric used to make camisoles have variations. You can experiment with different fabrics and laces. Enjoy the night with this classic nightdress! 



Women’s topmost favourite nightwear babydolls will spice up your night. This sheer apparel will make your night memorable irrespective of the occasion.  Babydolls are available in various designs and colours, and you can choose the one that suits you.