Summer essentials must haves for the summer wardrobe collection

Summer essentials must haves for the summer wardrobe collection

The time has finally arrived! Start putting away your winter clothes and focus on some brighter colours and lighter fabrics for the summer and spring. These essentials will elevate your aesthetic and make your warmer months cosy and sexy.  

Buy lingerie from Savvyy and make this summer great and comfortable!  
Update your wardrobe with these fresh and airy lingerie this summer and keep yourself cool:  

Cotton for overall comfort  

The best option for you in summer is cotton.  Cotton-based panties and bras are loved statements for the body during summer as they will keep you hygienic all day long. They are fuss-free and possess moisture-absorbing properties that will help you to remain rash-free all day long. 

Moreover, cotton lingerie allows your skin to breathe and does not trap heat. You can remain cool most of the time by wearing them. In addition, whenever you sweat, this lingerie will not smell fuzzy as they don’t retain odour. 

Bikini panty 

Bikini panties are made from cotton that will keep you comfortable all day long. Sometimes, these panties are mistaken for bikinis that you wear at the beach or pool. Therefore, don’t get confused and wear these panties while lounging during summer. 

Savvyy has a trending collection of Bikini panties. You can buy them at a reasonable price. 

 Hipster panty 

These panties provide the ultimate comfort during summer if you plan to wear skirts and dresses. In addition, summer dresses are airy and expose most of your skin compared to other clothing. Hipster panties will provide you with a secure feeling as they give you a fully covered bottom.  

Strapless bra  

A Strapless bra is one of the best options during summer. It provides comfort and versatility to the dress you are wearing.  

Why choose a strapless bra? Here is the answer! 

  • Say goodbye to rashes and infections during summer. Wearing a strapless bra will prevent discomfort caused due to sweaty skin. If you have sensitive skin, straight away buy a strapless bra for the summer. 
  • A strapless bra can save you from visible bra straps and fits with all kinds of dresses. They have wider necks, too. 

Choose from a wide range of strapless bras from Savvyy. It offers bras from brands such as Enamor, Axtzh, Secrett Curves, etc.  

Non-padded full support bra  

A cotton-rich non-padded full support bra will provide the optimum support to your breast during summer. They will not sage under the skin or any dress. The non-padded full support bra will also fully cover your breasts and maintain their natural shape.   

Choose from brands such as Juliet, Amante, and Triumph from Savvyy. Buy them today!  
PS: Summers can be enduring! Keep these points in mind. 

  1. Lingerie made of mixed fabrics and not 100% cotton are suitable for one’s who want to stay dry and concerned of their shape.  
  1. Always keep different styles of panties in your wardrobe to wear with summer skirts and pants. 
  1. A strapless bra is a real-life saver during summer. You can’t ignore wearing it.