Take a break with Savvyy – Your holiday essentials

Take a break with Savvyy – Your holiday essentials

Nowadays, holidaying has become one of the favourite things for a woman. The travel scenario has changed in recent times, and it’s not uncommon for people to book last-minute trips to far-flung locations. 

Whether you are planning to visit a beach or a mountain destination, never travel without reading this blog!  
Here, you will learn about the lingerie essentials for different destinations. 

Good Bra for Good Moments 

Irrespective of your size, need for support, and your activities, these types of bras must be there in your suitcase while traveling:  

  • Sports bra 
  • T-shirt bra 
  • Convertible bra  

You can avoid the sports bra if you are not planning for active adventures. 

Sports bras will help you the most if, 

  • You need some extra support when you're going for off-roading 
  • You are looking for a good sweaty run or a power yoga session. 

Convertible bras are the most versatile because they have adjustable straps and can be worn to any shirt, dress, or halter-top. This type of bra is perfect for any shorts or dress situation. 

Furthermore, a T-shirt bra is also a good option for travellers because it provides a clean, smooth line under clothes with no lumps or bumps. 

Buy bras online from Savvyy at reasonable prices and choose from a wide range of collections.  

Swim in Comfort 

When you are planning for your next beach destination, choose a bra that is customisable and dries quickly. Finding the perfect swimsuit can be a tedious job. Therefore, choose a bathing suit that can be altered to your needs. 

Always try buying swimwear with polyester-nylon blends as they will reduce absorptions. These quick-dry fabric materials have water-wicking properties and will keep clothes moisture-free when you hang them for drying. 

You can buy swimwear sets from Savvyy.  

Pair it Right 

Every woman has their own panty choice. But this type of panties is the best while traveling: 

Cotton panties  

For many, drying panties is a major problem while travelling! What if you face the same issue? Always choose cotton panties over synthetic ones regardless of the type of travel you’re taking because they are breathable and can be dried faster.  

Every woman will prioritise comfort during long-haul flights, road trips, and train travel. Cotton underwear is preferred over synthetic underwear because synthetic underwear can rub, ride up, and make it impossible for the skin to breathe.  

Moreover, cotton underwear prevents infections.  

Period proof panties 

Nowadays, you can buy period-proof panties easily. This invention has changed the game for travelers with periods as they can enjoy their day on safari, in the streets of Tokyo, or on a train in India without leaking through their pants. 

Sweat-wicking underwear 

If you're someone who is into extreme high energy activity, sweat-wicking underwear will save your day. In addition, this type of panty is also the best for places with tropical climates where you can get sweaty most of the time. Look for tag-free pairs to ensure all-day comfort on epic outings. 

Trek Your Way 

Finding the ideal outfit to hike can be a challenge. After all, striking the right balance between fashion and function isn’t easy. Yoga pants, shorts and sports bra are essentials for trekking.  

Savvyy offers a great collection of sportswear from brands such as Enamor, etc. Buy the perfect set from different styles.  

Relaxing Time  

Pajamas or shorts will soothe and pamper your body after a tiresome day. Moreover, these night wears are suitable anywhere, be it a road trip, train or a flight. 

Just make sure you choose travel clothes that are sturdy and sure to last so you can enjoy it for years. You can find sexy, trendy, and comfortable options at Savvyy that would give your travel outfits a whole new style statement.